If you will be receiving a dental implant to replace a missing or damaged tooth, it is important that your new implant has the stability it needs so you can eat and speak properly. Our dentist and team use the Penguin RFA to measure the implant stability quotient (ISQ) in Allentown, Pennsylvania, to ensure that your dental implant is secure. If you would like to learn more about how the Penguin RFA and the ISQ scale are used in your dental implant placement, call 610-435-5707 to plan your appointment with Dr. Tejas Patel at Advanced Oral Dynamics!

The implant stability quotient is the value on a scale that tells our dentist the stability level of a dental implant. The value can be anywhere from one to 100 with higher values indicating more stability in the jawbone. An acceptable stability value falls between 55 and 85 ISQ; our dentist will aim for the highest value possible to ensure that your dental implant will serve you well. In order to measure the implant stability quotient, our team uses the Penguin RFA, an innovative tool that allows us to easily and accurately monitor osseointegration of dental implants.

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