Restorative Options for One or More Missing Teeth

  • Implant Crowns – A typical porcelain or ceramic crown is cemented or screwed to the dental implant abutment. Implant crowns are used to replace single or multiple missing teeth where replacement is a one-to-one option (for example, one dental implant per missing tooth).
  • Fixed Dental Implant Bridge – Crowns and pontics are cemented or screwed to two or more dental implant abutments to replace multiple missing teeth.

Restorative Options if Arches Are Edentulous (No Teeth)

  • Removable Implant Stabilized Denture – Two dental implants are used to retain the denture by attachments on the dental implant abutments. Support for function is still placed on the oral (gum) tissue.
  • Fixed Implant Supported Prosthesis – The prosthesis is fabricated on a bar and the entire prosthesis is screwed down to the dental implant abutments, giving maximum support — this is only removable by the dentist. Support for function is entirely placed on the dental implants.
  • Fixed Implant Supported Zirconia Prosthesis – This functions the same as the fixed implant supported prosthesis but is fabricated of zirconia (a high-strength ceramic) and porcelain. This is the most esthetic and durable prosthesis.

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