Immediate Restorations
Some circumstances allow for dental implants to be placed and restored at the same time with a temporary crown or prosthesis. The critical factors in determining this are the initial stability of the dental implants when they are placed and the ability to prevent micro-movement of the dental implants so that integration can proceed successfully.

Indications for Immediate Restorations

  • Favorable bone — as determined with 3D cone beam scan
  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques
  • High initial stability
  • Ability to minimize functional stress
  • Willingness of patient to limit function until osseointegration

“All-on-Four” Protocol (Lower Arch)
Given the above conditions are met, a denture (your own if acceptable, or a newly fabricated healing denture), is attached to the dental implants at the time they are placed. The procedure requires tilting the two back dental implants to adequately support the denture. After integration, a final prosthesis is fabricated and placed.

Traditional Five Between the Foramen (Lower Arch)
With proper spacing, we can achieve the same results as All-on-4® with much simpler requirements.

Express Six (Upper & Lower Arches)
Four dental implants in the front (lower between the foramen) and two in the back (under the sinus or behind the foramen) — gives added stability and provides an engineering advantage to allow a more complete replacement of teeth.

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