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We at Advanced Oral Dynamics offer FREE public seminars to help people in our community better understand their options for restoring natural teeth. We understand the process may seem daunting and these seminars are focused on assisting you in making an educated decision when it comes to restoring your smile. Let us help you to better understand both the cosmetic and restorative aspects of dental implant tooth replacement and how you can begin your journey to the beautiful and functional smile you deserve! Please join us for refreshments as we explain the procedures specific to those missing teeth and the many negative effects of doing nothing, including a question and answer session at no cost or obligation to you! Space is limited so please call or click to reserve your spot at our dental implant seminars in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and take advantage of this great opportunity today!

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Why You Cannot Afford to Do Nothing About Your Missing Teeth

Having missing teeth is much more common than you may realize. 70 percent of the United States population is missing one tooth and 17 percent of those over age 65 are missing a combination of either ALL upper or lower teeth. That is the equivalent of the entire population of Canada living day to day without the presence of natural teeth! These missing teeth can be the result of many different factors including accidents, gum disease, a failed root canal or tooth decay. In the past, dentistry has had few options for solutions to missing teeth. One of these options was fixed bridges, which aggressively damage the surrounding teeth. A few other options were flippers and dentures, which become loose, causing difficulty with speech, embarrassment of loose dentures, pain upon chewing or loss of taste.

Modern dentistry has revolutionized tooth replacement by incorporating dental implants into single and prosthetic solutions. More importantly, Dr. Tejas Patel, is a specialist in implant dentistry and uses these free, no obligation seminars to educate the community on just how important it is to be proactive about your dental health. Our dentist and the team here at Advanced Oral Dynamics, use multimedia presentations with educational videos and photos specifically designed to show you the dental implant process, using the latest state-of-the-art solutions that are all available right here in our office.

Most importantly, you will learn about the effects of doing nothing about your missing tooth: bone loss. The lack of stimulation from a missing tooth causes the deterioration of gum tissue, impairing the ability to chew and speak, and having devastating aesthetic and functional problems. There is a 25 percent decrease of bone in the first year of a missing tooth alone. Waiting until you are “older” or experiencing functional problems to take action is the reactive way to treat bone loss. We encourage you to be proactive to avoid the complications of bone loss that include resorption. This is when you have bone loss beyond the alveolar to the basal or jaw bone. This causes the distance from the nose to the chin to dramatically decrease or “collapse.” The chin moves forward and upward, and without the support of teeth, the cheeks become hollow, the lips sag at rest, and you are left with the appearance of unhappiness and the inability to functionally speak and eat how you choose.

Our seminars are designed to give patients the added security of thoroughly understanding the dental implant process in a group setting with the opportunity to ask one-on-one questions without the confines of a scheduled appointment. At no charge and no obligation, you then have the ability to make a more informed decision before proceeding and scheduling a personal consultation to address your specific needs. Please join us at the next seminar, where you will have the opportunity to tour the office, meet our wonderful dentist and team, ask questions, and learn about your dental health. Topics will include the causes of bones loss, the “Domino Effect,” why losing teeth makes you look older, how dental implants work and why implant-fixed prosthetics prolong your lifespan.

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